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Home Board Up Services

Front door or window damage from unforeseen weather conditions or vandalism may require rapid repair. A board up service may be an alternative to a complete window replacement, depending on the demands of the customer. When a customer comes to Bob's Window and Repair Service, we know they need the correct price in case their home needs to be temporarily boarded up.

24 Hours Board Up Service

When unplanned circumstances arise, we recognise the necessity for a secure board-up solution for your residence or place of business. Our board up specialists are available around-the-clock for rapid installations to protect your loved ones, property, and possessions.


Commercial Board Up Services

We provide company owners with a board-up service for their front door or windows to repair any damage already done by intruders, the elements, or accident. Secure your office right away to safeguard your investment and ensure that there are no delays of any type to your operations. That includes providing you with quicker service from the time of your phone call until the installation of the board up without sacrificing the calibre of our job.

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